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The inventor of PYRA product ideas. A more beautiful world with products "Made in Germany" 

PYRA GmbH stands for innovative, functional and esthetic metal products produced in Germany and distributed worldwide. Quality craft, the best materials and our service guarantee first-rate products.

PYRA GmbH is a provider of systems. With creative solutions in a variety of industries and an innovative approach, our products are continually being further developed together with our clients and cooperation partners.

Design and functionality are first and foremost. The customizability of its use is our challenge and motivation. Our multifaceted experience with materials is our competence.

PYRA Plant Pyramids

teaser pflanzenpyramiden

PYRAS are available as a classic stand-alone pyramid for open spaces or as a wall pyramid for corners, passages or for facades

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PYRA Plant Borders


PYRA is the solution for creating bloomy spaces in public areas, restaurants and where people want to sit together undisturbed in peace and quiet.

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PYRA Accessories

pyra zubehoer

Variety and flexibility – accessories ranging from watering systems through to impressive advertising possibilities look great and perfectly optimize the PYRA

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